baby by egg press

i was just sitting here, working away at the computer, and out of the corner of my eye i could SEE my stomach jumping every time the baby kicked inside. i've been feeling him kick for over a month now, but i still never get used to it! i love feeling him move around, like he's saying hello to me throughout the day. anyway, i guess he's reminding me i need to do my operation: baby post for the week, so here we go.

it's no secret i love egg press -- their letterpress designs are always so unique and colorful. so, i was delighted to discover they recently introduced some new baby stationery into the mix. there's a nice collection of cute characters and abstract patterns...i think i'm in love.

the baby bird collection:

scallop edge:


and sweet pattern:

gorgeous, no? the egg press web site makes it super easy to order custom birth announcements, which i love. very convenient.

now if only we could settle on a good baby name...it's hard work naming a person! we don't want anything too trendy or girly, but it should still be a little more unique than the tried-and-true names.

any suggestions for a little boy? PLEASE share :)

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  1. I feel the same way about names. Our boy names are Nathaniel, James. How about Andrew (my word verification was aderw - made me think of it)