plantable stationery

i'm back to blogging! i enjoyed my little self-imposed break, but i missed blogging about my fun paper finds. so here i am :) hope you had a good week too.

i came across this awesome DIY on make and takes last week -- make your own plantable stationery! so cool. remember when i blogged about my husband's plantable business card? this is even better -- send someone a card that they can plant!

check out the site for a full how-to on making your own recycled paper and adding seeds to it. this is a perfect project now that spring is almost here. [it is, right? i keep telling myself that, but it snowed all weekend here so i'm not too sure it's really coming.]


  1. Super cute! I have a plantable calendar on my desk. And I saw some actual real-live plants coming up in my garden. Spring's almost here! (It better be.)

  2. No way! You're good friends with Dana Willard at MADE? What a small world. I swear. (she talked about you in her post today)

    Hope the preggo-ness is going well :)