liberty of london stationery

if you've been to target lately, you've probably seen the new liberty of london line. it was just released a few weeks ago and people around here have been going nuts over it. the clothes and home decor are cute...but nothing i'm dying to get.

UNTIL i noticed the liberty of london stationery sets! these are way cute. i love the spring motifs and different styles to choose from in the boxed sets. i believe there are three stationery sets to choose from: dunclare black, sixty and peacock turquoise:

up close the quality looks a little cheap, but hey -- you get what you pay for. [each boxed set is $9.99 for 8 sheets of stationery + envelopes, 8 note cards + envelopes, a pen and sticky notes.] the decorative box alone would be a nice addition to my home office! the line also includes note card sets and other stationery items, but i can't find them online. check them out the next time you visit target!

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  1. I love cards or letters written on special stationery. This is cute.