chevron lines

[all images from push the envelope unless otherwise noted]

hello friends! coming at you today from lovely parker colorado. we just arrived yesterday and are working on getting settled in -- it's beautiful here [and way warmer than utah!] but we're feeling a little lonely. any colorado readers out there with suggestions of fun things to do?

with that out of the way, onto stationery! have you heard of push the envelope? they have the most colorful, fresh designs -- i would love to get my hands on some of their spring-friendly cards. [they also have a brilliant collection of baby stationery -- i'm sure i'll write more about that in an operation: baby post soon ;) ]

the cards that really caught my eye are these brilliant chevron-striped greeting cards and calling cards:

i don't know about you, but i've been seeing chevrons pop up on a bunch of design blogs lately and i love them. if you've got talent [and some major patience], you can even use contact paper to put some up on your wall like the amazing caitlin of caitlin wilson design [click the link for a how-to]:

but i digress. be sure to check out the extensive selection from push the envelope and take a look at their blog. yay for paper! now i'm off to figure out where my closest colorado stationery stores are....


  1. Welcome to CO! I live in Steamboat, so I don't have any Front Range activities to suggest... just make sure you make it to the mountains every once in a while!

    LOVE all of the chevron that has been popping up.

  2. Hi Lindsey and welcome to Parker, CO! I'm a Colorado native and have lived all over the state. Parker is by far the windiest, so just be ready for that :) But you can't base your perception of CO just on Parker, so I hope you have time to visit the mountains, the western slope (grew up there, more of a desert, lots of fruit), and all the rest of it.

    I love all things crafty, all things paper, and you have a great blog here. I'll be checking back!

    Melody Jones