pretty paper flowers

came across some amazing rolled paper flowers last week and had to share. sure, the main point of this blog is to focus on stationery, but we all know i'm obsessed with pretty paper in any form. :) these wouldn't be too hard to make, either -- just grab some of your scrapbook paper or cardstock stash and roll away.

a mother's day card from mypapercrafting in singapore, with a link to a how-to video from lolly chops:

from samantha taylor [via the moxie fab blog] -- she made her own paper version of an FTD flower arrangement:

these next flowers are actually made from rolled fabric paper, which is probably the coolest stuff i've ever seen. they were made by scrapbook celeb elizabeth kartchner using american crafts adhesive fabric paper:

one of the last projects i worked on while i worked for AC was to produce some fun little how-to videos, including this one featuring liz herself. check it out for a cute demo on how to make the rolled flowers yourself:

what are you waiting for? get rolling, people!

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