just a little real-life update

well hello hello. geez, has it really been almost two months since i've posted? pathetic. i won't deny it. thanks for not deleting me from your readers :)

so what's been happening in these two months? i wish i had something cooler to say, but here it is: we moved to colorado. we've been exploring our new home and traveling a bit. and i've been steadily growing this baby -- it's a lot of work to get ready for a little person to join our family!

my due date is just 10 days away...can you believe that?? this pregnancy has sort of flown by. now, 4th of july [the official due date] is just around the corner and we're so excited. i'm so curious as to how it's all going to go and what it will feel like when the contractions finally start...any tips for a first-time mommy-to-be? :)

anyway, we took some maternity photos a few weeks ago. if you're curious, here's what i look like at 35 weeks pregnant:

[me & the hubs...my favorite shot of the day:]

location: denver, CO
photographer: tiffany buckmiller photography

i've still been keeping my eye on baby announcements, so i'm going to feature a bunch of them in the next few days & weeks. stay tuned! [and cross your fingers that this baby doesn't decide to come late!] i'll be back. i PROMISE. xo


  1. You are so close! Your photos are absolutely wonderful! You are definitely the cutest pregnant woman, ever!

    I am glad you posted again! I was wondering how you were doing!

  2. congrats. Cute pictures.
    April~Living The Sweet Life

  3. Ok, I know he's out, but when he was in...you were the cutest preggers mom-to-be ever!