nothing beats snail mail

handwritten antique letter by abraham lincoln

did you see this CNN story last month about snail mail? it reports the crazy [though not entirely surprising] figure that the US postal service has seen a 10 billion letter drop in the past 20 years, thanks to texting, emailing, facebooking, etc.

i loooove getting "real" mail. there's nothing sadder than opening your mailbox to a bunch of bills or ads...with nothing from a real friend in there. when i was living away from home in college, my mom would send me a "just thinking of you" card about once a month -- those were the highlights of my mailbox checks. i get a real letter from my little brother, currently serving a mission for our church in mexico, once a week and i literally race my husband to the mailbox each day to see if it's there. i try to send paper birthday cards to family and friends -- that's way better than a "happy birthday" on their facebook page!

there's just something about a hand-written note that gets me. of course, if it's on fancy stationery that's a major plus :) you can even sign up for stationery clubs like these through sunlit letterpress or bird dog press, where you'll receive new stationery each month that's just screaming to be sent.

BUT it doesn't have to be on something fancy. when my husband travels, i sneak little love notes into his luggage and those are nothing more than ripped notepad sheets -- and he appreciates them anyway.

what about you? do you love the convenience of digital, or do you love to send + receive snail mail too?


  1. Snail mail rules!! I feel like a kid at Christmas every time I get snail mail :) We should send each other postcards! :)

  2. that is a great idea iva! hmm...maybe the stationery place should sponsor a little snail mail swap. i love that idea! stay tuned :)

  3. Hi Lyndsey! That is so funny - we posted about the same thing and linked to the same article! I just visited your blog - so lovely!

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  5. Thanks for the wonderful shout out, Lyndsey!! -My Choi, paperthickink