limited sycamore street press

did you hear? sycamore street press has some frame mats, gift tags, place cards and coordinating envelopes in their shop for a limited time only -- these won't be printed again, so get your hands on 'em while you can!

these are so pretty -- they'd be such a lovely touch for a party or gift. check it out.

p.s. while i was digging around on their site i found a couple other great products -- as far as i know, these ones are NOT limited edition so never fear.

first up, there's a "subliminal baby poster" series. these crack me up! i really want this print to hang in baby wells' nursery -- i fear crying babies:

another favorite of mine are the ABC prints that SSP makes. educational and pretty :) i think adding a letterpress print to a room is such a sophisticated, understated touch:

see the shop for lots more from sycamore street press!

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