little book of letterpress

happy labor day to those in the u.s.! hope you're enjoying your day off. my family is in town so i'm just enjoying their company. in the meantime, have you see the little book of letterpress?

here's a summary from chronicle books:

Thanks to traditional letterpress technique's popularity in DIY and indie-crafter circles, it's become the darling of the stationery world with innovative new studios popping up all over the globe, from Texas to Denmark. Little Book of Letterpress is a treasure trove of remarkable work from some of the hottest and coolest letterpress studios working today, including Egg Press and Hello Lucky. Featuring an enlightening history of the craft, explanations of the different types of presses, sneak peeks into the studios, and details about the process of creation, this volume is the epitome of handcrafted hip.

sounds like fun to me! all of us letterpress fans will be drooling over this book, i'm sure. can't wait to check it out in person.

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  1. WOW! Great find! I'll definitely get my hands on a copy. Hope you and baby Jack are doing well. I happen to have a baby Jack as well. I believe he's only a couple of months older than yours. Yay! Babies!!! :)