meet paperqueen

paperqueen fine stationery is based in vancouver, canada and features lovely hand-drawn illustrations by annabel clarke mackay on almost every piece. i think it gives them such a unique touch:

paperqueen specializes in personalized stationery, including greeting cards, post-it notes, wedding invitations, calling cards, stamps and more. take a look:

paperqueen was lovely enough to send me a little sample of some of their products, including my very own set of glitter-highlighted personalized cards! some say lyndsey, and some say "paper girl." i love them! each piece is printed on high-quality textured paper and feels so rich and luxurious, especially because i feel like each little dress illustration was made just for me -- and i can't wait to send them out!

best of all, paperqueen's mantra encourages you to send snail mail, just because. that's one of my favorite topics here on the stationery place! i think we can all support that.

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