calligraphy skills

i took a calligraphy class last saturday at art weekend, taught by the ever-lovely melissa from is*ly. my practice sheets are above -- as you can tell, i still need a little work. calligraphy is definitely an art form that requires patience! it was so, SO fun to learn though -- i've been practicing ever since i got home from class :) i really want to get better at it, because i think using calligraphy to send a thank you card or even just address an envelope makes correspondence so classy and unique.

have you experimented with calligraphy? ever worked with a calligrapher? one of my favorite professional writers in this genre is bryn from paperfinger -- take a look; she's definitely better than me:

[these three images pulled from the paper tastebuds blog]

how much fun would it be to handwrite for a living??


  1. So, I've been wondering... does one need to have a fluid and attractive cursive handwriting in order to do calligraphy, or is it a skill separate from normal handwriting? sometimes i think my cursive still looks like it did when I first learned because I rarely, if ever, use it. I'm intrigued by calligraphy though... thoughts?

  2. kathleen -- i think calligraphy is like any other art form; you don't necessarily have to have a natural talent, but you'll get better at it with practice. in our class, we started out just tracing a pre-written alphabet to get used to forming letters and using the pen. i bet if you practiced long enough with one of those, you'd develop plenty of skill at the cursive handwriting part :)

  3. Oh I love to learn Calligraphy too... I bought the pen {i forgot the name of the pen} ahhh I think I lost patience and need someone to teach me... I wish I was enrolled in your class too...