jack's baby book

a little break from halloween...thought i'd share a bit about jack's baby book.

before my baby was born, i knew i wanted a baby book to commemorate his milestones -- but let's be serious, not many baby books out there feature good design, and i couldn't find any that provided what i was looking for. i knew i'd never keep up with a purely scrapbook-style book, and since i'm more of a writer anyway i wanted a place where i could journal things or write letters to jack as he grew.

so, my solution? i commissioned my talented friend paige to make me a handbound book. it is 5x7" and has a variety of pretty papers inside to spice things up -- its open-endedness is perfect for what i want. i can write in it and glue in keepsakes [like his hospital bracelet] or photos if i feel like it -- but since it's not technically a scrapbook, it doesn't look funny if i don't decorate a page or decide to write a long entry.

now that jack is three months old, the book is coming along nicely. i love to flip through the pages and read through what i've written to him -- the letters i wrote to him during the eight days post-due-date are especially hilarious. ["are you EVER going to come out, baby?!?"] one of my favorite parts of the book showcases how much he's grown: we take a picture of jack each month on the 12th with two of his favorite toys, to compare how big he's getting, and then i glue in each one with a monthly letter or recap of events -- it's so fun to have one place where i can go and see each picture.

see more of paige's handmade books here, and click here to read more about the creation process of jack's book.

what are your thoughts on baby books? what have you done to preserve memories with your kiddos?


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you're putting it to good use :) I make books and don't know what to do with them...

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  3. I LOVE this book! What a great idea!