baby circa 1944

just file this one away under sentimental family things...this past weekend, my mom and sister came to visit [hooray!] and we had my grandparents over for a delicious homemade soup & breadbowl dinner, perfect for the snowy weather we've been having lately. after dinner, my mom pulled out a little surprise for my grandma -- a copy of the birth announcement for her first son [my uncle], printed in 1944!

[excuse the awful picture quality; i only had a second to snap a photo with my phone]

apparently a family friend had been cleaning out her grandma's keepsakes and came across the announcement, which had been sitting in her files for over 60 years. the friend grabbed it and gave it to my mom. can you believe that? so fun -- what a small world.

my grandma couldn't believe her eyes when she saw it. i just love this tiny peek into the past -- imagine what operation: baby would have looked like in 1944. great little time capsule experiment for my family, and so perfect especially since i've been laser-focused on baby announcements for the past year. just thought i'd share :)

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