kids can say thank you too

my friend melissa has an amazing parenting blog where she eloquently writes about the struggles and triumphs of being a mom [and boy does she know what she's talking about -- she has TWO sets of twin boys, ages 4 & 2. i can barely parent my one baby boy, let alone four toddlers. she is my hero!]. today she posted about how she and her boys made some simple thank you cards this week, just for fun and to have something to do, and it ended up being a huge success.

they left cards for their mailman, their neighbors, their friends -- sometimes for people who they didn't even know very well. and the result? EVERY person who got a card was so delighted by the sweet gesture. it made their day, and it made melissa's boys so thrilled and happy to know that they had brought those big smiles to their neighbors and friends.

[all images from melissa]

read the whole story here, and check out melissa's blog here. it's an adorable story. and a great reminder that a hand-written note can go a long way -- even if the stationery you're using is nothing more than an index card stamped by tiny hands.

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