sweet letter press

man, i love twitter. today i followed a new stationery company, and twitter suggested a few "related" feeds i might want to check out. one of those was sweet letter press, so i was intrigued and clicked over. and lucky for you, my dear readers, i loved what i saw!

sweet letter press is a stationery shop based out of boulder, colorado. take a look at their etsy shop for some beautiful products:

i especially love these DIY letterpress cards. they're printed cards with designs strategically placed around a blank area, so you can personalize them for your own purposes and re-print at home. such a cool touch and a good way to spice up homemade printed invitations. here's what the card looks like blank:

and here they are, printed & personalized:

there are plenty of other cards in the shop as well. this one just made me laugh:

[all images from the sweet letter press etsy shop]

go take a look and let me know which ones are your faves.


  1. I looooooooooooove letterpress. So glad I found this site! Beautiful work :)

  2. Wow! Those are gorgeous! So are the clips used to display the cards!

  3. thanks for the comments, molly & malea! glad you like them too. and malea i totally agree on the clips -- one of the first things that caught my eye about sweet letter press was that they had such a cool way of photographing their products. love the way the cards hang :)