our christmas cards, 2010

i have a confession to make. remember how excited i was about baby announcements? the whole operation: baby series? i really really love baby announcements. BUT -- i never sent any out for baby jack.

i know, i know. pathetic. but let's be serious. after the baby gets here life is a liiiittle crazy for a while, and by the time i got my head above water and started planning my order, we were just a few months shy of christmas and the exact same people who would be getting a baby announcement would be getting a christmas card right after. plus, thanks to social media, everyone pretty much already knew jack was born and what he was up to. it just seemed counter-intuitive to send two cards.

enter grace of grace hester designs. i love her birth announcements, so i tasked her with the objective to come up with a way to combine our family christmas card with jack's birth announcement. she was so easy to work with, incorporated all my suggestions and answered all my questions -- and i LOVE the result:

the cards were 4x6, printed on recycled paper without a coating, so they felt almost like letterpress-quality paper. i stamped a simple "happy holidays" message on the inside and wrote in a personal greeting for friends and family, then inserted our family photo. piece of cake!

these came with chartreuse envelopes and i thought the whole package just looked so pretty. i was more than proud to send out this year's holiday greeting.

additionally, the folks over at avery dennison were lovely enough to send me some printable mailing labels to review, so i decided to put them to use on our cards! i prefer to address our cards by hand, but i'm sure you feel me on the fact that writing your return address on envelope after envelope gets pretty tedious. enter the easy peel clear address labels.

the avery wizard [available for download here] makes things SO easy. install it, pick your product, and they download the document straight to word. you can insert addresses or make a full sheet of one item, like i did -- plus, they have tons of cute holiday-flavored graphics to include. i picked the little penguin:

and there you have it folks! our 2010 christmas card. i'd love to hear about yours -- did you get the free photo cards from shutterfly? order letterpress cards? print them yourself? i'm all ears.


  1. Nicely done Lyndsey! Love the extra touch of stamping on the inside and the adorable penguin address label!

    I am so glad you liked them and thank you for being so great to work with. :o)


  2. LOVE your christmas card. great typography too!