quick christmas ideas: calligraphy note cards

i came across meant to be calligraphy a few weeks ago and was delighted to learn michele offers custom, handwritten note cards in addition to her calligraphy work for invitations, menus and other special event stationery. i think this would be such a cool gift for anyone who appreciates pretty paper products -- each card is individually printed by hand!

michele has so many different, pretty fonts -- i think i'd have a hard time choosing which one to order! [see here for various lettering styles.] you all know i have a new-found appreciation for calligraphers, and i'm in major awe of michele's talent!

[all images provided by MTBC]

in case you're in need of a great last-minute holiday gift [christmas is next week!?], consider ordering these cards from meant to be calligraphy. you choose the style, ink color and what you want the cards to say and michele turns it into art. you can get a pack of 10 cards and envelopes for just $20, or a pack of 20 [in a cloth-covered fold-out folio case!] for $40. visit meant to be calligraphy for contact info and more details.

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