quick christmas ideas: homemade wrapping paper

my sister rachel is one of the most talented and creative people i know. she's a graphic designer, children's clothing designer, painter, artist and more. she just started a new blog, musings from 'hel, all about her various craft projects with super easy-to-follow tutorials and i'm obsessed. i think i'd love it even if she WEREN'T my sister.

anyway, check out this easy tutorial she shared on making your own printed gift wrap -- just in time for the holidays. [christmas is in 10 days! eee.] she made her own potato stamp, used some paint and created a print on kraft paper. so cute! making your own pretty paper is the best.

be sure to visit musings from hel and tell her the stationery place sent you :)

THIS JUST IN: today she posted an easy & cute way to make christmas cards in word...check it out.

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