egg press + blue sky at target

remember the suzy jack* collaboration with calendar expert blue sky? well, blue sky has done it again with a fantastic partnership -- this time with egg press.

i was so excited to hear about this collaboration -- i've been a longtime fan of egg press' fun and funky letterpress stationery, and the blue sky products are THE BEST. seriously. i was able to review a few samples and i literally squealed when i pulled them out of the box. if you love pretty paper [which i'm pretty sure you do, or you wouldn't be here], you will looove this line. it's such a fashionable way to get organized, and just in time to help you keep your new year's resolutions.

the best part of all this? the egg press for blue sky line is currently available at target! putting awesome planners and stationery at the store i'm already shopping at three days a week? uh, yes please. this is a no brainer. head out to your local target today and pick up a planner, a desk calendar, a wall calendar, whatever -- you'll be so glad you did!

[all images courtesy blue sky]

there are five different patterns [my favorite is bursts] and all calendars and planners are printed on 50% recycled paper with soy ink. the planners come with covers made from different materials like book cloth, faux stitched leather and flexible frosted plastic. both the suzy jack* line and the egg press line are part of the blue sky designer series, featuring the creative work of well-known independent artists -- i can't wait to see what else they have coming up!


  1. oh my goodness I love that planner in the first photo! why oh why did I not see this before I bought my new agenda! I settled for one at Borders that doesn't have boxes but columns... hard to explain. it's ok just an adjustment. I will console myself with the fact that it has stickers :)

    no one will hold it against me if I run to Target and buy a new 2011 planner, will they? :)

  2. haha...you can never have too many planners :) go for it! seriously, these blue sky ones are the best.