half-birthday hats

sometimes this whole blogging world makes me feel really insecure and uncreative. there are just way too many talented people out there, and in comparison to them i often feel like a failure in the "crafty" world. more on that later, but first: party time!

yesterday was mine & jack's [me & jack's? jack and my?] half birthday. [he was born on my birthday, if you didn't know. at first i thought that would suck, but i'm starting to really like sharing with such a cool little boy.] to celebrate, our little family of 3 got some yummy cupcakes from the chocolate bakery here in town and wore fun party hats.

[cupcake flag courtesy of a fabulous fete]

[elephant shirt! my favorite!]

anyway, you probably guessed it, but yes, i made our party hats. i used american crafts everyday patterned paper and glitter paper, some tissue paper for the tassles, printed and cut out the numbers and glued everything together with my trusty scrapbooker's glue [courtesy of scotch brand]. then i poked tiny holes in the sides and tied on some baker's twine to keep the hats on our heads.

this is where my non-craftiness comes in. yesterday morning i thought it would be fun to make the hats, figuring it wouldn't take me more than an hour to throw together. fast forward two naptimes and way longer than an hour later and i was still putting the finishing touches on those two tiny hats. i didn't really use a template or anything, just eye-balled it and kept altering the patterned paper till i got the shape i wanted -- and not only did it take forever, it put me face-to-face with my diy shortcomings. things weren't turning out how i'd envisioned at all. i'm a paper blogger! shouldn't i be amazing at stuff like this?! uh, no. the blogosphere is wonderful for sharing so many great ideas and projects and talent, but sometimes it makes me start comparing myself to those amazing people [including some of my real-life friends...yes, i'm looking at YOU, dana from MADE] and that sucks.

i was about to throw in the towel and just go to the dollar store to buy some party hats when i attempted one last alteration and the finished product actually sort of looked like a hat so i called it a day. we wore them for cupcakes and pictures -- jack actually thought it was pretty fun, and loved sucking on the baker's twine -- but wow, they were a lot more work than i thought they'd be. for two tiny hats!

but the good news is, martha's directions on how to make those tassles actually turned out [though i obviously used tissue paper instead of vellum...who has vellum randomly on hand??]. so i guess i got that goin' for me :)

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  1. Let me just tell you I think it's impressive that you would even make them yourslef. I would just be lazy right from the beginning. And they turned out FABULOUS! Happy 1/2-er!