hand-printed wedding stationery

my friend becca got married last week [congrats!], and her wedding announcements were AWESOME. i knew she'd come up with something great since she's so creative, but these were perfect.

becca, a graphic designer, came up with the design and her fiancee hand-printed them on a kelsey 5x8" press. [ironically enough, the fiancee is an IT guy by day...i think he's got a good career in creative work ahead if he'd want to make the switch!] they had taken one of eva's letterpress classes last year at sycamore street press, but other than that this was their only letterpress experience! i think they did a great job.

the couple traveled extensively during their relationship, so the suitcase lists the names of all the cities they've visited. such a fun idea! plus, the orange ink matches their engagement photo perfectly.

[this photo by diana palmer of yan photography; all others by me]

thanks for sharing, becca! congratulations!


  1. That's one of the cutest announcments i have ever seen. wish I was a graphic designer! so cute.

  2. not just any cute announcement, but so darn creative and unique. What a fun way to incorporate their love for travelling and announcing their journey of life together.

  3. totally! i'm glad you guys like it. i thought they did a great job!

  4. love the design, and great job on printing it! i'm impressed. :)

  5. love it! so adorable and different and personal. the suitcase is just too cute and I love the font. all around perfect!