handmade valentine swap!

i know, i know...christmas just ended; don't we need a break before we start hitting valentine's day? i'm right there with you...BUT i want to make this year's valentine's day extra-special, and that requires a little planning ahead :)

i found out about brooklyn bride's 4th annual christmas card swap a few days too late to participate. sad. but then i thought to myself, hey, you're a stationery blogger who loves getting mail...why not host your own card swap? so here we go!

everyone loves to receive real snail mail, especially me. and since my surplus of christmas card mail has depleted, my mailbox is feeling really lonely -- isn't yours? i miss the excitement of getting "real" mail instead of just ads and bills. plus, who doesn't love an excuse to get crafty? let's do each other a favor and send handmade valentines!

here's the deal:

* email me at stationeria [at] gmail.com by jan. 20 with your mailing address and internet info, listed as follows:
jane smith
123 avenue b
anytown, CA 98765

**sorry, sign ups are now closed!**

* i'll compile the participants and send YOU an email by jan. 28 with addresses of up to five new friends
* you get busy in your craft stash and make some handmade valentines [ones that are easy to duplicate are best -- start an assembly line and before you know it you'll be done!] and get them in the mail by feb. 6 -- be sure to wish the recipient a happy valentine's day
* sit back and wait for some fun handmade valentines to roll your way!

hooray for mail! this will be even better than the little mermaid valentines i handed out in 3rd grade :) i hope you'll participate!

UPDATE: some faq's about the swap are answered here.


  1. Count me in! I did a card club a few years ago and it was the best! We did a different card every month and I still have a million cards to use. sending you my info now!

  2. I am in. I will shoot you an email.

  3. All signed up and ready to go!

  4. I'm in the UK and would love to join in - is that okay? Suze.

  5. yes of course! the swap is open to everyone regardless of location.

  6. Hey Lyndsey - it's Tracy from the SoCal Blogger Bee! Just wanted to stop by and say hi - I got your invite about the handmade Valentine's and that's such an adorable idea :) I want to participate but I'm throwing a friend a baby shower the first week in February and that's kind of sucking up all my time right now, so I think I'll pass this time around - but hopefully will be able to participate in other fun swaps later in the year!

    At any rate, just wanted to say hello, that it was so nice to get to know you a little bit at the luncheon, and that I'm now excited to follow your blog :)

  7. oh yes... I am IN... love this, real mail is just the best :)

  8. Cool! This is a cute and fun idea (^•^)

  9. I love this idea! Do you have to be a blogger to join? I'm not a blogger...but I'm a blogger lover! haha:)

  10. of course you don't HAVE to be a blogger to participate! it's open to anyone with a mailing address :)

  11. Awesome awesome awesome, will email you right now :)

  12. I wish!!! I don't think I am crafty enough and I don't think anyone would enjoy receiving a v-gram from me. ha! Are some not so crafty people entering as well? If so, then I might.

  13. This sounds like fun! I love Valentines :)

  14. this is such a great idea, Lyndsey! I'd love to participate! I'll send you my info now...

    oh, and I totally gave out little mermaid valentines in third grade too! I may have actually given them out in recent years... you're never too old to love the little mermaid! :)

  15. mary martha -- emailing you now. but YES please join in! don't worry about how "crafty" you are -- all that matters is that you can send some happy mail :)

  16. I'm definitely in, just realized I forgot to declare so on your blog! Can't wait. :)