a word on the valentine swap...

i keep getting questions from people about the handmade valentine swap, so i thought i'd answer a few here on the ol' blog:

(UPDATED january 2014)

what if i'm not creative enough to be in the swap?
preposterous!! like i said in this blog post, i think we all have insecure moments about our creativity -- but that doesn't mean you can't take part! believe me, whatever you come up with will be amazing -- just because you MADE it. plus, once you sit down and start playing around, you might be surprised with the awesome things you come up with.

do my cards have to be handmade by ME, or can i buy them on etsy / at a craft fair / from a friend?
it's just a "handmade" swap -- not a "handmade by YOUR hands only" swap. as long as you're supporting the diy movement in some way, you're totally good.

do i have to be a blogger to participate?
no, of course not! the swap is open to anyone with a mailing address. i just ask for the blog and twitter information so we can provide all possible social media connections when i share your swap partners -- you can keep in touch with your new friends in a variety of online ways.

is the swap open to international readers?
yep! if you'd rather not send to someone in another country, just let me know -- but postage overseas for a little card probably won't be very much. plus, how cool will it be to get mail from italy or the netherlands?? pretty cool.

need some inspiration? 
click the v-day label in the sidebar
check out the #handmadeval hashtag on instagram
view my valentines day pinterest page for tons of adorable v-day ideas

any more questions? leave them in the comments and i'll do my best to answer. if you were still on the fence about participating, i hope i've convinced you to do it -- it will be so fun!

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