costco stationery

any modern family fans out there? [that's one of our very favorite shows.] do you remember the episode where cam & mitchell go to costco, and mitchell is being all snobby about going there, and then realizes what an incredible place it is? that's how i feel about the costco photo center.

while i realize the title of this post doesn't exactly spark your creative juices, did you know costco has some super cost-effective stationery options? i'm always up for a great deal, while i'm squeezing in a hot dog lunch and some wholesale diaper-buying.

a few weeks ago, jack and i attended a one-year-old birthday party for his friend molly. a few days later, we received a thank you card from the birthday girl [sealed with her tiny handprint, no less! i have to remember that!] and i thought it was so adorable.

you can personalize the design of the card, add photos, create your own text and even add a photo to the back. for less than 30 cents per card ($15 for 50), i'd say that's a pretty good deal, especially if you're in a pinch. i develop all my photos at costco for super cheap -- they even make canvas prints and can create any size you need. yay for costco! are you secretly a fan of the bargain warehouse too?