get creative with hello hanna

i was recently introduced to hello hanna, a fun little creative supplies company that produces great items like interactive sticker books, customizable place mats, paper cupcake stands and beautiful centerpieces. [there's also an adorable kids art contest page, where your little artist can win a HH gift card!]

i especially love this wishing tree idea...it's a paper tree [made with recycled ingredients] that comes with wishing ribbons perfect for writing a note to a guest of honor. how cute would this be as a centerpiece for a baby or bridal shower? love it. hello hanna even supplies wishing birds and flowers in a variety of colors to customize the tree to your event.

here are a couple of my other favorite items... robot placemats for boys and cupcake sticker books for girls! love.

[all images courtesy hello hanna]

be sure to check out hello hanna for more creative ideas and supplies!

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  1. that robot placemat is too cute! and I love the sticker book... when I was a girl, I loved stickers. wait a second, I STILL love stickers :) some things never change...