handmade valentine roundup!

i have LOVED seeing everyone's handmade valentine swap cards! you are a talented, creative, stylish group of designers and i've seriously been wowed by every card. hopefully you've enjoyed getting some snail mail over the past few weeks -- did it make your valentine's day a little better?

here are pictures and links to a handful of swap cards, sent in by readers. did i miss any? leave a link in the comments!


1- donna from kiteride
2 - lindsey from la georgia paperie
3 - amanda joy from joy ever after


4 - leandra from jessandra watch 2011
5 - caryn from the midlife guru
6 - sarah from things are better with a parrott


7 - peggy from paul & paula
8 - lindsey from piggy in the puddle
9- rachel from musings from hel


10 - arlyn from from the p-nut gallery
11 - amanda from project simple life
12 - jessica from ugly spots studios


13 - lindsey from linnie bell
14 - carissa from the lovely dove
15 - claire from the bellini bunny


16 - paige from chris & paige
17 - allyl from la petite maison
18 - merissa from merissa cherie

amazing, right?? do you have a favorite?

this was such a success, i'm thinking we'll have to make this an annual occurrence! hooray for valentines -- and thanks to everyone for participating!


  1. It was so fun Lyndsey, thanks for hosting it! I will be doing a post about my Valentines today or tomorrow as well.

  2. Did you get yours?
    Wonderful cards all together... well done and Thank you for hosting this!
    Love from AMsterdam

  3. thank YOU ladies! i'm so glad you liked it; i had fun too.

  4. I don't see my Valentine :(. Here is my post with the CUTE cards I got in the mail. Thanks again for doing this--I loved it!

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  6. Thanks for this fun activity. I loved receiving my Valentine mail and it was fun to create from my stash I had on hand. Great idea.

  7. here are mine!


    hopefully I'll get around to posting the lovely ones I recieved soon. I really do hope you make it annual. it was so much fun!!