personalized stationery from tiny prints

[this image from tinyprints; all others by me]

when tiny prints asked me to review their customizable stationery line, i was all ears. i've long been a fan of theirs, but that admiration hit a whole new level this past christmas because i received a TON of adorable, stylish, unique holiday cards from friends who all used tiny prints. i was ready to scope out the thank you card selection to review for your lovely readers!

customizing your own stationery through tiny prints is SO fun. i think i could have spent all day trying out all the different options, fonts, colors and image options. this is probably the closest i'll ever come to becoming a bonafide stationery designer since i wasn't blessed with graphic design skills, so i was glad it was so easy to do.

i picked this classy flat card for myself and edited the text ribbon to make it my own:

i've also been wanting to get some personalized stationery for jack, and i found the perfect design. elephants of course! i switched up the font, word placement and text from the original design and came up with this:

another fun feature of tiny prints is that you can add images [up to three] or captions to the back of the card. i added a little picture of jack to the back:

we were thrilled when they came in the mail...obviously. [these days, jack shows his excitement by stuffing things in his mouth.]

i was really pleased with how user-friendly everything was -- changing up all the little options was so easy and quick. the site also features customer reviews, which i found helpful in choosing which card to order.

there were so many fun card options, i can't wait to go back and design more. be sure to check them out for your next stationery order -- or if you just want to have some fun creating your own lovely cards :)

special thanks to tiny prints for letting me try out the ordering process and for sending me & jack our adorable thank you cards! i can't wait to send them.


  1. OOh how cute! This is precious!

  2. love it when kids are in the "everything i touch goes into my mouth" phase! super cute.

  3. Friend, I love Jack's personalized stationery! You know I'm copying that idea!!!