welcome hazel jean!

one of my good friends had a baby girl last month. they named her hazel and she is adorable. how do i know this when i [unfortunately] haven't even seen her yet? because i got the CUTEST baby announcement in the mail last week.

take a peek:

there are so many things to love about this announcement. i like the fancy linen paper it was printed on; i adore the two photos [especially that one of big sister sienna giving hazel a kiss]; i think the unique cutout shape is fun and different. oh, and i kind of wish jack was a girl so i could have someone to dress in that adorable ruffle dress. sachia, this is one fabulous baby announcement -- thank you so much for sending me one!

[cards were printed by pro digital photos.]


  1. Awwww thank you lady! I rounded up ideas from several different places so I can't take all the credit. Also had a graphic artist draw their heads in a little more for me if you look closely on the back you can see it. Paper is printed a
    On a pearlized linen finish. Thank heavens for fabulous options these days!


  2. ha! i love it. technology is the best :)

  3. What a fun and original idea. And I love the baby's name: Hazel. It is adorable. Old fashioned is definitely in again.