cleanwash letterpress

yet another reason to love the handmade valentine swap -- it introduced me to some fantastic stationery companies! case in point: cleanwash letterpress.

colleen is a letterpress printer out of philadelphia and i was blown away by her beautiful work. take a look:

this is the valentine i got from her in the mail; don't be jeal:

i really have a thing for cool business cards right now; these ones are so fun!

colleen also writes a delightful blog, has an etsy shop and of course tweets. [are you on twitter too? follow me @paperlyndsey.] add cleanwash to your favorites; this is one shop to watch!

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  1. I love stationary - mostly the letter-writing kind, but all types of cute and diverse stationary is on my favorites list. I'm starting to form this obsession with office supplies lately. I think it comes from this buried desire to be a hotshot business woman. At what, I don't know, but just hotshot at it.