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i loooove a good journal. i've actually been regularly hand-writing in a journal since i was about 13 years old [am i the only one who does this, in our technological blogging world?] and i have quite a collection of filled books. they're so fun to go back and flip through -- to see all the "drama" i endured through crushes on boys in high school, staying up late in college, dating and marrying my husband...each one is like a little time capsule.

that's why i'm always on the lookout for a decent new journal. whether i'm going to use it to add to my life history stash or just scribble down little notes while i'm out and about, i'm constantly on the lookout for journals. i love these by wren papers -- such fun covers! i especially love the wood grain one:

[all images courtesy of wren papers]

and, for the remainder of march, all wren papers proceeds will go toward japan relief -- so if you pick up a cute journal for yourself, you're also doing some charity work! go do a little shopping at wren papers.

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