magnetic announcements

one of the most common complaints i hear about stationery, invitations, wedding announcements, etc. is "but they're just going to throw it away!" [of course, this does not apply to EVERYONE...i have been known to save a beautiful card or announcement for years if i think it's pretty :) ]

this is a valid point. you can spend hours designing or shopping for the perfect piece of stationery and then send it out -- and the recipient will take one look at it, smile, and then throw it in the trash or on a pile of junk and it's forgotten forever. boo.

that's why i think magnet street is so brilliant! design a perfect piece of stationery and have them print it on a magnet -- now your precious baby's face or your wedding details or even your family picture will stay posted on someone's fridge for months! the stationery that keeps on giving.

the designs are so cute (some of my favorites are below) and i really love the staying power of magnets. they also have unique products like calendars, sports schedules, car magnets, paper christmas cards (and wedding invitations) and tons more.

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