new header, sympathy cards & the art of the thank you note

whew! that title is a mouthful. but yes, i have a lot to share today.

first up -- i got a new header! the talented jenna from q.a. design helped me come up with something a little more modern and fresh. what do you think? [come on, all you google reader people -- click over and take a look!]

secondly [this one is kind of a downer] -- the husband of a family friend passed away unexpectedly over the weekend. :( i wanted to send a card to wish the family well; i had plenty i wanted to say, but i wasn't quite sure what type of card i should use as the vehicle for sharing my thoughts. do i pick a semi-cheesey "official" sympathy card with sentiments already printed? just get a blank one? order one like this one from tinyprints?:

[this all dogs go to heaven card also made me smile.] i ended up just choosing a pretty teal-and-yellow patterned card from paper source with no writing on it at all, and wrote my note inside. but i'm curious -- what type of card would you choose to send? is it lame to let the card to the talking for you? or do you prefer to personalize the message yourself?

and, last but not least, my cute mom has started a blog, the mid-life guru [aimed at middle-aged women, but every post seems perfect for me too!] and yesterday she wrote a great post all about the lost art of the thank you card. it's right up our alley, fellow paper friends -- go check it out.


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  2. Love your new header. However, the 44 cent stamp might be obsolete soon. P.S. Thanks for the shout out!!!

  3. Love the new header! It's very nice. And as far as the sympathy card goes, I would probably let a card do the talking- well depending on how well I knew the person. But sometimes it can be hard to find just the right thing to say and a card can say it sooo much better than I probably could.

  4. thanks for the compliments on the header -- jenna did great! (and for the condolence card tips too.)