spotlight: alexa pulitzer

alexa pulitzer is a stationery designer based out of new orleans, and just last week she launched a new e-store to make her designs accessible to everyone. alexa's background in textile design and work in italy, paris and milan have influenced her aesthetic, and today her stationery collections are found in anthropologie and boutiques from toronto to tokyo -- and of course, online.

i was able to conduct a brief interview with alexa via email and i'm so excited to share her answers with you, along with a few of my favorite cards from her collection. be sure to check out the new site and especially her custom work!

The Stationery Place: What is your favorite part of working in the stationery industry?

Alexa: I respond to the instant gratification of seeing my designs printed so quickly after I have designed them. Having trained in the Italian silk trade as a textile artist, I find the printing techniques much the same and of course the tactile sensation is alluring.

TSP: How do you incorporate your love of New Orleans and all the places you've traveled into your designs?

A: Like all New Orleans natives, we pride ourselves on being ambassadors to this unusually elegant and culturally rich city. I love my life in New Orleans and am proud to call it home for we celebrate life to the fullest. Since the day I started creating papers, I incorporated New Orleans icons, crowns, fleur de lys, jazz musicians, architecture and fauna into my work but like most artists, I am visual and everything I see or that I have been exposed to has prepared me for my daily creative work.

TSP: What is the best piece of mail you've ever received?

A: I receive hand written letters every day from clients, friends and family, but the most profound and meaningful piece of correspondence I have received was from my husband, Seth who proposed to me in writing. He chose to write on a striking Scarlet Bristol oversized card. Eight years later, I am introducing Scarlet Bristol stationery engraved in copper in my stationery collection.


  1. Alexa is as inspiring (and beautiful) as her work. She represents our city in the most beautiful ways - as artist, friend, woman, mother.

  2. A friend of mine introduced me to Alexa and her work. She designed a fantastic logo for my business cards. Both she and her work are outstanding!