stationery organization

how do you organize your stationery? if you're anything like me, you have nine billion cards [and 18 billion envelopes] stashed in various corners of your home, and when you want to send one to someone it takes a while to track everything down.

SO, i've started [trying] to be more organized about it. i keep my supplies in this handy accordion folder:

i've got different sections for different things. so far, this is how i divided them up:
- blank cards
- personal stationery
- card scraps
- thank you cards
- occasion cards [birthday, wedding, etc.]

plus i try to match envelopes up with the cards when i stick them in, so i'm not shuffling through everything trying to find the right size. and about the card scaps -- i cut up pieces of cards i receive [if i'm not planning to keep them for sentimental reasons] and upcycle them by using them to make my own cards down the road. i've given some totally awesome semi-homemade wedding and baby cards over the years :)

how do you organize YOUR cards?


  1. Was just going through my friend's blogs and thought I'd stop in & say hello! I used to have a hard time organizing my stationery.. I kept upgrading and upgrading to bigger boxes. I finally bought these awesome big metal bins from Urban and they're keeping good organization of my cards, for now! ;) Hope you're doing well friend! xo.

  2. i modge podged one of those little lunchbox looking tins from roberts and that stores my cards. But my cards have long since out grown that box so it's def time for something new.

  3. thanks for saying hi, danni! sounds like leandra and i need to check out those UO bins...i need more space too :)