365 thank yous

i mentioned earlier that my mom turned me on to a new book that is right up our stationery-loving alley: 365 thank yous. she raved about how great it was, and i finally got around to reading it last week. i finished it in a week and LOVED it! i mean, hello, it's all about sending cards so of course i'd love it. but the overall message of the book was so uplifting.

the author was going through a crappy period in his life and decided to stop thinking about everything he DIDN'T have and instead focus on what he DID have, by writing one thank you note a day for a year. the book talks about all the heartwarming, funny, offbeat and traditional cards he wrote -- it's a quick, entertaining read.

but, i think i liked this book so much because it really resonated with me. thanks to my mom, i was raised to always always always send a thank you card for any gift i was given. as an adult, i've stretched that out to send thank you cards after job interviews, for particularly nice things friends do for me, following dinner dates, or just because. i've seen my cards brighten the day of other people and heard others tell me how much my card meant.

in fact, when i was dating my husband, we spent one weekend at his parents' house and i sent his mom a thank you card when i got home. the next week, while my future husband was travelling, he called me out of the blue to tell me his mom had told him about the card and he really appreciated my thoughtfulness. later he told me that card was one of the things that made him fall in love with me...and now we're living happily ever after. if that's not a testament to sending thank you cards, i don't know what is ;)

but anyway. there's an appendix in the back of the book called "how to write thank you notes" and i recommend it to everyone. the author talks about the benefit of sending a handwritten thank you note over an email or text or all the other quick methods we have in our modern society, and i loved it. sums up exactly what we're always talking about on this blog: that sending real mail is NOT a dead art!

"handwriting is important and special, [forcing] a concentration on the task. i continue to believe that the best thank-you notes are handwritten. it is what sets a thank-you note apart from an email...the best thank-you notes will stir in the recipients' hearts the knowledge that their gesture was truly appreciated, and even inspire the desire to give again, knowing that they will be thanked and appreciated."

i totally recommend this book. go check it out...and then find a reason to send a random thank you note to someone you love :)


  1. Thank you for a wonderfully insightful & uplifting post (much like the book you wrote about)! Have to get over to Amazon for that, but will vote for you at Circle of Moms first.:-)

  2. I am so glad you liked the book. It is a winner. Hand written thank you notes are becoming obsolete in this sound bite world. Thanks for the reminder that they are still treasured and appreciated.