easter egg banner 2011

i saw this adorable paint chip easter egg garland from modern parents messy kids last week and went out that very day to collect some paint chips to make my own. stephanie had a brilliant idea!! this project is right up my alley -- it's quick, simple and uses pretty paper!

mine ended up a little different than the MPMK version, because i sewed right through the middle of each egg with my sewing machine to put my garland together (hers is strung together through tiny holes on the top of each egg). i think it looks cute either way.

i also didnt use a template for my egg shape -- i just traced an actual egg. ha! fit perfectly onto my walmart paint chips. (does anyone else feel guilty stocking up on paint chips? i know there's no way or reason to pay for those, but it still feels a little sneaky.) it took me less than an hour to make this baby.

so cute. a perfect touch of easter! to see my easter banner from 2009, click here -- i really wish i could find that one but it's lost somewhere in my craft supplies.


  1. You traced an actual egg?!?! That's awesome. Love the way yours turned out!

  2. ha, yes. i suck at drawing so i figured i'd just go to the source :) thanks for liking it!