graduation announcements

next week my husband graduates from MBA school -- i can't even believe it's been two years already! we didn't particularly love the "official" [= expensive & poorly designed] announcements available through his university, so naturally i decided to find an alternative.

but customized it for our own purposes and came up with this:

i quite like how it turned out. tiny prints is great because you can order in smaller amounts -- none of this "50 card minimum" stuff like with some other companies. [plus it's an awesome deal since you can get free shipping on any orders of $49+ with the code FREESHIP.]

they have plenty of other graduation announcement options, especially ones with photos, but my businessman husband would have none of that. he chose the least flashy, most professional looking one on there ;) a good compromise between the MBA and his stationery-fiend wife, in my opinion.


  1. Congrats Brandon! Has he taken a job yet? I'm sure you get tired of the question but I'm asking anyway in the hopes that you might move back to Denver.

  2. thank you! i hope denver is in our future too :)

  3. Love it! It looks so professional and classy. Nicely done, Mrs. Wells. :)