royal wedding invitations

foryourparty.com is a fun site that lets you design and customize different party supplies [think napkins, coasters, place cards -- even votive candles and candy tins!]. BUT, they also do wedding stationery, found on before your party -- invitations, save the dates and more.

in honor of the royal wedding coming up at the end of the month [25 days away, in case you're into that kind of thing ;) ], they've re-created the look of william & kate's official wedding stationery:

the royal wedding suite includes personalized cocktail napkins, invitations, response cards, stir sticks and matchboxes. this would be the perfect wedding stationery for anyone who loves the royal family -- or just thinks they deserve to be part of it ;) find more info on for your party.

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  1. Those wedding invitations looks elegant ang expensive.
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