watercolor birth announcements

saw these amazing watercolor birth announcements on you are my fave and had to learn more. they are so dainty and pretty (and that baby is SO cute!!) -- katelyn (of bekatelyn.com) even made them all for less than $10! now THAT is my kind of baby announcement.

[all photos from bekatelyn]

katelyn's husband designed the text, and she & her mom did the watercolor effects. so pretty!

thanks to melanie for bringing them to my attention and katelyn for her amazing artwork. for the rest of my birth announcement coverage, click here. [will i ever get tired of baby announcements? definitely not.]


  1. So lovely! A long time ago, when I didn't network like I do now, and when I had no money, I made all my own watercolor business cards. Made sense since I was a watercolor artist.

  2. ooh, cool! do you have any pictures? i'd love to see :) send me stuff & i'll feature you!