ollibird baby announcement

i had the good fortune of hanging out with ms. alma loveland [an incredibly talented graphic designer, artist and illustrator teacher] of ollibird over the weekend, and i met her adorable new baby, joan. [newborn babies make baby jack look so HUGE! i can't believe he was ever that tiny.]

alma designed the cutest announcements for joan's birth, and i just had to feature them here on the blog. [see the rest of my op: baby posts here.] you can flip the flat card back and forth between the "aww" adorable happy baby, and a "waa" screaming baby on the other. ha! brilliant.

[image from ollibird]

adorable, right?? love it. and i love all that hair! congrats on your bundle of joy, alma!

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  1. Such a cute idea! And so funny too. This is how all baby cards should be - much more fitting for the true ups and downs of mommyhood!
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