seattle tips?

big news at my house, friends: we're moving to seattle! my husband just accepted a job there and we move at the end of june.

i've been furiously researching the seattle area because...i've never even been to washington! ha. we're going out there in a few days to tour apartments and check out the area.

so...give me some tips! what are some must-see attractions in seattle? have you lived there? is the weather really as hard to get used to as everyone says? AND -- the most important question of all -- where are the best stationery shops?? [totally stoked, btw, to be living near a paper source again.]

fill me in!


  1. Make sure to eat at Wild Ginger! I've only visited Seattle so I don't know the neighborhoods, but it's a wonderful city.

  2. My husband and I just moved from the Seattle area. We loved it there. We lived in Kent, as we split the commute between Tacoma and Seattle.

    Must-see attractions: Pike Place (Farmer's Market where they throw fish) and the gum wall, Mt. Rainier (if you don't have time to actually go; hopefully, the sky will be clear enough to see it as you go south from Seattle), the Space Needle is great on a clear day and there is the Troll under the bridge (and a great place to eat Paseo's nearby- great Cuban sandwiches) and Top Pot donuts (for donut lovers). Then there are also great little day and weekend trips like Friday Harbor or Bremerton to take the ferry to or just a trip on the ferry is fun. I'm sure I am forgetting a lot of things.

    I realize in the last paragraph I said something to the effect of "if it is a clear day." The weather can be a little gloomy, but it really doesn't rain as much as people think. It rains a good amount but it is usually just a sprinkling, not many good downpours. With that you get mild temperatures, not really hot and not really cold. Though we did experience snow one winter and one day of 103 temp. That isn't to say the weather didn't bother me sometimes, but it wasn't as bad as I expected, maybe it was plenty of people saying it was terrible before I left that made it seem better ok.

    Sadly I can't give you much on stationery shops, I visit Michaels more, but I believe the Paper Source is in Bellevue or there is some paper shop in Bellevue. If you have any other questions let me know!

  3. I am a smidge jealous of your move! Ha! My fiance, a friend and I visited Seattle at the beginning of April and I'm already impatiently waiting to go back (and yes I would love to live there!). Being from Tulsa, Oklahoma we are definitely not as progressive and artsy as the lovely Seattle. You will love it there!

    I think Brit covered all the main hotspots to check out, however we also took a Duck Tour and that was beneficial as far as getting knowledge of the city is concerned (and of course our director provided a good laugh). There's also an underground tour that sounded super cool (did get a chance to partake)- you get to tour the underground of Seattle, which is basically the old city and they built a new city on top, which is what we see today. Paper Source is AMAZING (they are my main paper vendor so it was freaking awesome to see the store in person, I spent 2 hours there, lol!) there's one in Bellevue but they are also opening a new one in Seattle at some point (eee!).

    I saw a few high-end stationery stores in the downtown area, but we were too crunched on time to stop in (our main reason for going to Seattle was to tour colleges with our friend).

    I can't wait to follow you through your new adventure and see all the sites through your eyes! Good luck with everything!!

  4. I live near Seattle. OK I live on Bainbridge Island which is a 30 min ferry ride from the downtown core. But I'm a born and raised Washingtonian (raised in Bellevue on the Eastside but went to college in Seattle and lived there after being married). All of the named tourist attractions by other commenters are great. If you are looking to live in or near downtown Seattle here are a couple neighborhoods to consider:
    Queen Anne: area around space needle. near the opera hall, EMP, good restaurants.
    Capitol Hill: for the very progressive and liberal type
    Fremont: lovely bohemian area and very seattle community, good bars and eateries
    Ballard: a mix of the eclectic Seattle-ite, young hipster families and scandanavian retirees.
    Greenlake: a mini "central park" with good apartment areas and homes for rent. Close to the woodland park zoo.
    Wallingford: college town and new families. near the UW and SPU.
    If you want to live smack dab in the city and walk to everything Pioneer Square, SoDo (near all of the sports arenas) and Belltown are options but these are very busy areas and attract city riff raff and young city vibers who like to party.

    For paper: Paper Source, Paper Zone, A Muse Studio in Greenwood, Impress Rubber Stamps and tons of other small boutique stationery stores sprinkled all over Seattle.

    If your husband is working on the Eastside which is a very up and coming area, that is a whole other post. Many people relocate to WA to work on the Eastside for Microsoft, TMobile, etc. Seattle relocators usually work at Starbucks corporate, Nordstrom, Amazon, etc.

    Hope this helps! Good luck with your move! The weather does get old and then becomes part of your blood. The key to loving it here is to plan sunny trips during the fall and winter.

  5. Welcome to the Emerald City! You've got some great tips from your comments, we've so many great places here, we've been here 7 years and still haven't been everywhere! I love the U district (the area around UW, my hubby works there) because it's a mix of all types of cultures & ethnicities, for food and great people watching. Plus for shopping, you can beat the U Village, there is a Trophy Cupcakes, Impress Stamps, Papyrus, Crate & Barrel, Land Of Nod, I could go on and on!

    I'm a party blogger but I also blog about local hot spots http://dawnypoo.blogspot.com/search/label/local%20shout-outs I love to find new places to go. In fact, I just did a Seattle Party Supply post. OK, I'm done rambling...

  6. So this is late in coming, but don't forget the WATER! You'll love being able to see the ocean every day! When my friend who lives in Utah comes to visit, she always wants to go to the ocean. There's too many waterfront restaurants to name!