creative collaborative + 2011 sycamore street press

last night i went to a creative collaborative function in downtown provo. this organization promotes our local creative industry -- designers, bloggers, artists, photographers and more -- by providing a place each month to hear from talented panelists, share insights and discuss the successes and drawbacks of working in the creative industry.

i LOVE the mission of creative collaborative. rather than compete or compare one another, these artists realize that by working together they are able to be stronger, more creative and more successful. brilliant! every month features a new group of speakers with a different topic. [next month: "in my field," discussing the business ins and outs of various industries.]

last night's event featured three very talented local artists:
- eva jorgensen, founder of sycamore street press
- justin hackworth, photographer
- sarah jane, illustrator & fabric designer at sarah jane studios

all star line-up? um, yes. i was thrilled to be there and hear these three artists share the history of their businesses up until now. it's so inspiring and encouraging to hear how businesses develop and change, and to learn about the trial-and-error and lightbulb moments for each artist as they have moved forward. i felt so happy for these three and the positive growth they've seen.

plus, afterward, there were free cookies and a chance to mingle with some of the funnest people in provo. so, you know. it was a good night.

if you're a local, i highly recommend attending the next creative collaborative meeting, taking place july 13 -- i'm so sad i won't be in town for it. they will have an activity every month and are taking suggestions for potential speakers, topics, etc -- so join in the fun! also, be sure to follow along on facebook and twitter.

anyway, especially after hearing about eva's story about how sycamore street press came about, i was in a bigtime paper-admiring mood. check out some of the new prints from SSP:

LOL -- jack would love this one:

this camera print is perfect for the photographers in your life:

sycamore street press always has the most clever sayings on their cards and prints. i thought this one was especially appropriate for generation Y:

my favorite color? check. helping me out of my constant need for a good thank you card? check.

[all photos from sycamore street press]

be sure to check out the rest of the 2011 collection in sycamore street press' online store and etsy shop. and go to the next creative collaborative!


  1. Thanks so much for posting about our goods, Lyndsey! SO nice of you!

  2. I love the card about knowing your birthday even without facebook! That's such a clever saying!
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