cross-stitched cards

i've been seeing the cross-stitch style pop up on stationery all over the place lately. this is funny because it seems like cross stitching was my mom's go-to craft over the years; she made our christmas stockings and wall hangings and all sorts of things with cross stitching -- it's amusing to see it making a 21st century comeback.

case in point:

zoe at the making spot made 150 cross-stitched name tags! wow.

cross-stitched heart tags from leobella boutique:

even a faux cross-stitch card from zakka life:

[all images via their respective sources]

have you noticed this craft making a comeback too?


  1. Cross stitching is a craft for the ages. It never goes out of style and is so relaxing to do. Glad to see these stationery trends.

  2. Love the idea of cross-stitching cards! Though I don't think I could do it myself...love these! May have to order them!!!
    Star Hughes Living