guest post by jill means: summer parties & events

this week, jill means from brightside prints is sharing some of her favorite stationery with us. see the rest of her posts here. thanks, jill! - L

It's finally feeling like summer! If you are like my family, you have lots of events going on, vacations, camps, family reunions, barbecues... If you are hosting an event this year, or want an excuse to throw a party. Here are some fun invitation ideas.

1. For a traditional BBQ, this invite, "Ketchup & Mustard" by Pretty in Paper available at BrightsidePrints.com:

2. Here's another BBQ invitation, but I think it could be customized to make a great family reunion invitation too. I always think of watermelon when I think of summer family reunions. (This invite was created by me and is available on BrightsidePrints.com.):

3. I love this invitation for an ice cream party by Pearenthetical Press. Ice cream is so summer! And if you're short on time, you can order the customized digital file and print them out on your home printer.

Now for some more creative events:
4. You've seen lots of swim parties for kids or families... but what about a swim party for grown-ups? Lesa Abney created an invitation for just that. Available at IndigoPrints.com. If I owned a pool, I would totally do something like that. Put the kids to bed and have friends over for some night swimming and s'mores:

5. An outdoor movie night. Borrow a projector and show a movie at night against a light colored wall, garage, or white sheet. Serve popcorn and movie theater snacks. (This retro inspired invite was created by me and is available on BrightsidePrints.com):

What are your favorite summer events? At Brightside Prints we'd love to hear your ideas. Your great idea could be our next great invitation!

Jill graduated from Brigham Young University with a BFA in Graphic Design has worked as a graphic designer for over 15 years. "I worked primarily doing corporate design work; logos, brochures, advertising, etc. In the last two years I started dabbling in the stationery industry, getting my feet wet designing cards or templates for several companies. ...and I fell in love with it! So in May of this year I launched BrightsidePrints.com...a collaborative collection of hand-picked designers providing cards, invitations and announcements. I get lots of inspiration from my five children ages 5-14 and my husband Scott is the best sounding board for all of my crazy design ideas."


  1. Good post, Jill! That watermelon one is my favorite. It was great to meet you last night (I was sitting on the other side of Lyndsey). I checked out your site, and your work is impressive! If I get started into this party business, I will definitely look to you for some inspiration!

  2. what a fun collection of cards! The watermelon one is my favorite too =)