how to: updating business cards

it's no secret i've had a thing for business cards lately -- but what happens when you order too many, and you've got a giant stack of pretty business cards that need to be edited or updated?

carolyn over at homework has a brilliant suggestion -- why not make an addendum business card?

carolyn created a separate felt-backed business card [inspired by a brilliant idea at food, wine & mod podge] with her etsy shop's information, punched it and attached it to her regular business cards. what a fun and pretty idea! i love that it turns the business card into a nice little package -- and it's so fun to see the felt and fabric incorporated too.

make sure to visit carolyn's blog for a full how-to on her 2-in-1 business cards.

such a good idea. i'm definitely using this in the future. have you ever recycled your business cards?


  1. I wanted to thank you again for featuring my business cards. So excited to have my homespun little cards nestled in with all the beautiful paper goodies you post about.

  2. i haven't tuned in to this blog in a while. I'm always reading your personal one. Glad you are still going strong and doing well it seems. The meca of paper knowledge.

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