introducing: lost crates

attention stationery lovers: have you ever wished for an easy way to discover great new paper and stationery products? [if you're like me, the answer is: uh, YES.] and now there's an easy solution -- check out lost crates.

lost crates is a new company dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest in office supplies, stationery and more. to get involved, all you do is take a personality test to determine your style -- and then each month you get a special "crate" delivered to your doorstep full of cool new products, hand-picked for you by the lost crates curator team. go here for more of how it works with lost crates.

my first crate arrived last week and i was SO pumped to check it out. i'm pretty sure we all love snail mail, so it's even more exciting when a giant box shows up at your door.

inside were all sorts of fun things -- a red moleskine notebook, french paper memo books, cardboard-tube highlighters, a joshua davis pen and holdall, and keel's simple diary. i loved going through and inspecting every item! it was like christmas, seriously.

be sure to sign up for your lost crate [or sign up for a friend -- i think this would be the FUNNEST gift idea ever for a fellow stationery-addict] by the 15th of the month for next month's crate. enjoy your treasures :)


  1. Oh man...you get the cutest stuff to try out. This is a neat idea, but a tad pricey to do each month.

  2. I just got my first crate and got some of the same items! I'm posting about it right now and stumbled upon yours!