how-to: balloon invitations

tomorrow is baby jack's 1st birthday!! how crazy is that? i can't believe he's already a year old.

to celebrate, i threw him a balloon-themed birthday party before we left utah. [since, you know, we don't really have any friends in seattle yet.] to keep with the theme, i made invitations out of balloons. jack LOVES balloons, so it was perfect.

this is what the card looked like, right out of the envelope:

tiny print was written on the deflated balloon, but you could only read it once you blew the balloon up:

to make these invitations, you just follow these easy steps:
1. blow up balloon -- you can use a paper clip or rubber band to keep the balloon sealed while you write; i just squeezed the end shut with my left hand, while writing with my right.
2. decorate balloon with permanent marker
3. deflate balloon [don't forget to wipe off the part your mouth touched, gross!] & send

since most of the invited guests were other babies, i liked knowing that they'd be able to play with the invitation too. what is it with babies and balloons? they love them.

the trickiest part of this project, though, was finding a pen that worked!
a. sharpies were great on the inflated balloon, but the writing turned back into liquid once you deflated the balloon.
b. dry-erase markers stayed put once the balloon deflated, but when you blew the balloon up again the ink flaked off.
UGH. it was so frustrating. i eventually found a dry-erase pen [the boone brand] that didn't flake off as badly, so i used that for most of the invitations. someone really needs to come up with a pen that works on inflated AND deflated balloons! :)

the invitations said "jack is turning one!" with the address of a local park at the bottom. we had the party on a saturday afternoon and it was perfect. great weather, easy clean up, accommodating atmosphere for lots of kids and friends.

here are a few party pictures, if you'd like to see. i kept a multi-colored theme throughout, to match the rainbow balloons i used to decorate:

tomorrow, jack gets to actually eat his first cupcake and we'll be partying all day. [if you remember, jack was actually born on MY birthday...so we have a lot to celebrate :) ] hooray for birthdays!


  1. Happy birthday to you and Jack! Hope you are all well and happy!

  2. That's so cute! I love it


  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lyndsey and little Jack!!

  4. That's a good idea for birthday invitations. Does the ink stay on the balloon well, or does it rub off. Either way, good thinking!

  5. That is the cutest invitation idea EVER! Such a clever idea. Happy birthday to both you and Jack... albeit a little late. Sorry, I have been slacking on my blog reading.

  6. this is a really cute and clever idea. love it

  7. I love this idea, we did the same thing for my wife's baby shower invitations. Everyone LOVES how unique it is. We decided to get the balloon professionally printed and it was well worth the money! I found you can get small quantities online for pretty cheep... I went with www.hullaballooprinting.com

    Best of luck!