guest post by melanie burk: my favorite stationery shops

so great to have melanie burk from fifth & hazel here all week! today she shares her favorite stationery shops -- thanks so much for being here, melanie! - L

As a designer, I love seeing what other stationary companies are doing, and naturally I have a few favorites. These are some of the designers on the top of my list.

Sarah is a good friend of mine, and I think she does a beautiful job of making her childhood illustrations whimsical, playful, and professional. Her illustrations are exquisite.

When I did all of the design work for Altitude Design Summit (http://www.altitudesummit.com/) Smock was one of our sponsors. They produced beautiful work for the event, and I was so impressed with the quality of their work. So lovely.

Hello Lucky does a great job at mixing an artistic style with a playful attitude. All of their cards just make me smile. Really some talented designers there!

Eva Jorgensen is an inspiration to me with the beautiful designs that she creates. I love going to Anthropologie and seeing her lovely cards there and realizing that our Utah crowd sure is talented. Love their work!

While this is a totally different style, I love their humor and wit. I saw their booth at the New York Stationery Show and thought they were so professional and funny! They won some awards there, and their stuff is definately worth checking out.

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