seattle paper: moxie

now that i'm settling into my new home, it's time to check out the local paper scene of course! i've been discovering new stationery designers and paper stores all around [important note: there IS a paper source here, in the very same building my husband works in, in fact! fantastic. but i'm trying to branch out :) ] -- and i'll be showcasing them here on the blog to help YOU check out seattle's stationery scene as well.

my first stationery store? moxie papergoods & gifts. moxie is located in the bellevue square mall [moxie's west seattle location just closed]. they sell greeting cards, custom stationery, flat paper, boxed sets and all sorts of fun, random gifts.

i think the thing i loved best about the store was the perfect styling. the store was laid out so nicely and had such a chic feel with the dark walls and subtle lighting -- it was like walking through a booth at the national stationery show, not just another store in the mall. they had a great selection of cards from all my favorite designers -- smock, sycamore street press, elum designs, egg press, etc; i literally could have stayed there all day to browse.

the day i stopped in was, coincidentally, my birthday, so i thought this card by dude and chick was especially appropriate:

be sure to stop in if you're in the neighborhood -- i promise, you'll love it. and if you have any other recommendations of good seattle stationery shops, leave them in the comments!

moxie paper goods
2028 bellevue square
[2nd floor between nordstrom & tullys]
bellevue, wa 98004


  1. I was so just there last week! I love it! I got some gorgeous little cards from smock and was floored by the tons of cute wrapping paper they carry! Plus the girls that work there are super nice!

  2. This looks really cool! How lucky you are to live somewhere with so many stationery stores!


  3. thanks guys! it really was the best. jenny let me know the next time you're in my neck of the woods :)

  4. Lyndsey, I love your blog! I am also a big stationary lover. Some of my favorite little boutiques I've discovered in Seattle are in my neighborhood (Ballard).

    You should come for a day and visit: Lucca (http://www.luccagreatfinds.com/l/WELCOME.html) Sip and Ship (http://www.sipandship.com/) and Curtis Steiner (http://www.curtissteiner.com/) Let me know what you think!