blogher '11!

friends, this is an exciting week for me. i'm flying to california to attend blogher '11!!! WOOT. i've never been to a major blog conference before so i'm pretty pumped about it.

and uh...pretty terrified. sometimes i get kinda shy and nerdy, so the thought of walking into a conference center filled with 3,000 talented blogger all-stars [when i know no one there!] is pretty intimidating.

so, my question for you is this: are you going? do you know anyone that's going? and do you/they want to meet up so this whole thing will feel a little less scary? :)


  1. I'm in San Diego and had planned to go, but work is crazy right now and I could not get the time off. I would have felt the same as you! I wish we could have met...

  2. Wish I was going. I haven't been to a blog conference yet. Maybe I should start with something a little smaller for my first one...
    Have a great time. I'm sure it will be fantastic!